Friday, December 21, 2012

Wordless Days: Triple Paste vs. Lotion
It’s just one of those mornings. It’s typical but still one of those mornings.  After bath time or just about any time when Phoenix sees a bottle of lotion or oil she wants someone to put some on her tiny little hand. This morning was not different. Her father, B, changed her diaper then put on her play clothes. Great! Now she’s ready for Lucy. Wow Phoenix is surprisingly quiet this morning; very unusual.
Note: When Phoenix is up roaming the apartment, all doors are closed. There are only 4; her room doors, my room door, coat closet door, and the bathroom door.
So when I walked back to my bedroom this is what I found.

Yes that is triple Paste on her face!!! Although triple paste is hands down my first choice for diaper cream and it can clear up nasty dry patched on my hands, I would prefer it not be applied to her face. I could not get mad or annoyed because it was not her fault it was left open. So this morning we all enjoyed a good laugh. That’s all we could do as I bank the spicy side of my sweet Phoenix.

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