Friday, December 21, 2012

Not So: Very First Blog Entry
As you can tell from the title this is not my very first blog entry.  I started a blog for my mom a few years ago but never kept it going.  Partially due to timing and because my mom simply was not interested in starting a baking business.

Note: My mom is an incredible baker. Not only do her creations look good but they also taste amazing.

Well anyway…this blog is not about her; it’s about my life as a working mom. Phoenix is my almost 2 year old (20 months) angel from God himself.  She is smart, inquisitive, my heart and full of energy.  When life couldn’t get any better (although we all know life can get better) get decided to bless us with BABY # 2 due in March 2013!  So, for about a month or so I will have 2 babies under 2.  This should be fun!!!  Follow me on my journey while I try my best to Bank Sugar and Spice!!!

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