Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Family Friendly Film: The MOMS Mamarazzi with Nicole Kidman & Screening of Paddington Review

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know Paddington Bear. When I think about Paddington my mind immediately thinks of that red floppy hat and blue toggle coat. Yet I have never owned a Paddington Bear but I do still have a few books that I glance at once every couple years. Now, after viewing the movie at The MOMS very first Mamarazzi of 2015, I’m like I need to rush to my parent’s house, find all Paddington books to take them back to my place and add them to my children’s book collection.

Paddington dates back to 1956 when a BBC cameraman, Michael Bond, bought the last small toy bear at a Selfridges store in London for his wife. He named the bear Paddington after a station near his home. That lonely bear left on a shelf inspired him to write eight episodes in just over a week and the rest is history.


At this Mamarazzi event hosted by The MOMS, I got to listen to Nicole Kidman (one of my favorite actresses) talk about the movie in general and her character Millicent, the villain of the film. With her British accent everything sounded so lovely. Even her laugh was infectious. I sat in my seat and thought, how great can this movie be? I must admit, from the first scenes in the darkest Peru I laughed. This movie is a story about modern concepts of immigration and keeping an open mind. Paddington’s family was discovered by a British explorer. He tells them that if they ever leave Peru they are welcomed in London. Many years later, after an earthquake destroys Paddington’s home and kills his Uncle Pastuzo, Paddington decides to go to London while his Aunt Lucy moves into a home for retired bears. At Paddington Station film goers will witness real life reactions towards immigrants through Paddington’s eyes. The Brown family, more specifically Mrs. Brown and the children take him in and give the bear his name, Paddington. After a taxidermist (Millicent played by Nicole Kidman) employed by the Museum of Natural History learns of Paddington’s arrival she sets out to kidnap him, stuff him and then put him on display. As the movie plays your child’s imagination will soar while subconsciously learning about everyday life morals. As adults we will see life lessons about keeping an opening mind and being respectful towards people and cultures that are foreign to us.

All in all The MOMS’ first Mamarazzi with Nicole Kidman was a huge success! I am definitely taking my little gummies to see Paddington after its release in the US on January 16th and you should too.  Paddington runs about 95 minutes; just enough time to enjoy a movie, get the point and get home before the gummies (ages 1 and 3) start showing their true colors!!!

Below are some photos of the event courtesy of The MOMS:

The MOMS Denise Albert & Melissa Musen Gerstein with Nicole Kidman
                                 Nicole Kidman (Millicent in Paddington)

It's selfie time for Nicole Kidman and Melissa Musen Gerstein

Denise Murray Wong (@niecyisms)

Nilsa Karimi (@3CityGirlsNYC) & Nichol Perez (@nilimo)

Amazing moms with some pretty cool kids!!!

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